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I used to be a huge fan of Tom Cruise. Who can't forget his amazing role in Top Gun? But then, socially, he admitted that he made mistakes. If you used to be a fan but no longer are, choose the event that led up to you unfanning Tom Cruise:

1. I used to be a huge fan of Tom Cruise. Who can't forget his amazing role in Top Gun? But then, socially, he admitted that he made mistakes. If you used to be a fan but no longer are, choose the event that led up to you unfanning Tom Cruise:

One of his movies caused me to no longer be a fan (it would be great if you mentioned the movie)
76 votes
When he jumped on Oprah's couch (2005)
244 votes
One of his divorces or relationship breakups (please mention which one)
116 votes
Specifically the split from Katie Holmes in 2012, the Scientology and his daughter Suri
352 votes
When he started to speak about Scientology
567 votes
When he blasted Brooke Shields for taking antidepressants in 2003 for postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter
365 votes
Tom's downward spiral ended in humiliation when Paramount Studios axed its unique 14-year deal
91 votes
Other (please specify)
19 votes
Not Applicable
444 votes
I'm still a fan
381 votes
I've never been a fan
586 votes
Tom who?
63 votes

2. After a bit of research, I found a site that mentions the 13 largest mistakes made by celebs. Check off the ones that you know or remember:

Jennifer Love Hewitt Started a Music Career -- She had a good acting career so she decided to give music a shot. Her song "BareNaked" was 31st on the Top 40 list but that's the most success she got in that field. She lost her shot at being a movie star and stayed on the small screens.
230 votes
Brendan Fraser's Ugly Public Divorce -- The Mummy trilogy had just launched Brendan's career but his wife and mother of three children wanted to divorce him. She asked for a yearly alimony of $900,000. It took a toll on his life and career and he pretty much had to take every role that was handed to him.
204 votes
Marrying Tom Cruise Was Katie Holmes' Biggest Mistake -- Tom kind of lost his mind for a certain period of time and that was when Katie married him. She ignored the signs and stayed with him. He then bought a machine for ultrasounds when she got pregnant and when things got too crazy, she asked for a divorce. Being with him took a toll on her publicity and career.
812 votes
The Embarrassment of John Travolta at the Oscars -- He was supposed to introduce Idina Menzel at the 2014 Oscars, the only problem is he called her Adela Dazeem. It's okay to mispronounce someone's name but how do you manage to mess up that bad?
421 votes
The Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal -- When she got together with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, everyone saw them as the perfect couple, so a lot of Twilight fans were extremely mad when the pictures of her with another guy shut the internet down.
463 votes
Katherine Heigl Had an Ego Trip -- She has a huge ego which took over her when getting an Emmy for her role in "Grey's Anatomy." She had the chance to make an amazing acting career but because of her ego trip, she flunked in her movie roles and also left "Grey's." She returned to the TV screens once again in "Doubt" but the ratings aren't going well.
395 votes
Tobey Maguire Shouldn't Have Done "Spider-Man 3" -- For starters, it was a bad movie. To make matters worse, there was a montage of him doing the "Evil Dance" which was ridiculous. He did land a role in "The Great Gatsby" but he didn't give it his best. And then he also got divorced last year.
156 votes
Tom Cruise Became a Spokesman for the Church of Scientology -- After several failed marriages, Tom decided to find his religion and he chose Scientology, which would be completely fine if he hadn't dragged his daughter with him too. That's why Katie Holmes took Suri away with her.
868 votes
No One Knows Why Kevin Costner Chose Bad Movies When He Had an Amazing Career -- "Waterworld" was awful, but "3000 Miles to Graceland" was by far the worst one. His career went down and he retired. He does pop up from time to time, but not for important roles.
317 votes
Renee Zellweger's Surgery Completely Changed Her Appearance -- it is completely okay to change a feature of your face that you don't like but this was too much. She even denied having anything done when it was clear that she was no longer the same person.
518 votes
The Scandalous Affair Arnold Schwarzenegger Had with His Child's Nanny -- Not only did he cheat on his wife, but he managed to get the nanny pregnant. His wife found out about that, and for some reason, she chose not to get a divorce. His reputation really suffered after that.
834 votes
Taylor Lautner Can't Seem to Find His Movie Genre -- He had played everything from comedy to drama and nothing seems to fit. The role he had in Twilight was the best one since his action hero role failed, as well as his comedy.
131 votes
Nicolas Cage Started Buying Really Weird Stuff -- He bought an island and multiple yachts. But then, things started to get weirder. Among the really strange things he bought were a pet octopus, an ancient dinosaur skull, an actual shark, and a house that was supposedly haunted. But it doesn't end there. He got a real crocodile, some albino cobras and a grave for himself. The grave has a giant pyramid on top of it. He ended up owing $6 million to the IRS
333 votes
Not Applicable
832 votes

3. Finally, Tom Cruise has 2 movies coming out, choose the ones that you anticipate seeing?

Top Gun: Maverick -- 2020 (plot unknown)
341 votes
Luna Park -- The plot revolves around a group of renegade employees who venture to the moon to steal an energy source. (year?)
131 votes
191 votes
1,228 votes
Not sure
473 votes
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