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I stay at home in order to care for my adult son who has severe disabilities. I do this, because we love him and want him at home. We don't want him cared for by an organization. I've worked in some of those and know others that do as well. A lot things happen that are 'covered up'. We're going to care for my son as long as we're able. Frankly his disabilities are so specialized, that it's difficult for others to meet his needs anyways. So, as a result, the last few years I've worked from home. Always for very low pay. I can't do phone work, because of the noise level in my home (dogs, my son, etc.) & I can't go to another room because my son needs constant supervision. I can't do tutoring or online teaching (even though I used to be a teacher), because I have to be able to discontinue working at a moment's notice (for my son). Most of the at-home jobs I've done allow me to log in and log out as needed, but as I said - extremely low pay. We struggle financially and I want desperately to be of more help to my husband by bringing in some money. I'm looking specifically for at-home jobs that don't cost anything and that you know are legitimate (you or someone you know has had good experience with), rather than just links to job search sites.

1. So, my question is are you in a similar situation, and take care of loved ones (young children, elderly parent, etc.)?

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2. If you need to stay home for some reason and want or need to bring in income, have you found a way to do so that pays fairly and still allows you the ability to take care of your responsibilities at home? If you have, could you please share the information on how to apply for a job like yours in the comment section below. My family (and others struggling to make ends meet that have to have somebody at home) might benefit from your sharing.

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Information on how to apply for an at-home job
  • only know of Amazon customer service agents being legit. unsure of others.
  • Do surveys. Check out on Facebook called freebie mom. There are a lot of links etc that she provides
  • one opinion is a pretty good survey site. Also, check out give great information

3. Do you know somebody else that's in this position that has found a successful way to bring in income? If so, and you have enough information about the job for readers of this survey to be able to apply for an at-home position, could you please take the time to share that information in the comments section. It would be greatly appreciated.

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Information about how to apply for an at-home job
  • In Home Supportive Services, IHSS, you can apply at your local Social Services office.
  • I work 68 hrs a week from home love it
  • My office skills are useless , better at physical labor but now limited and frustrated.
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