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  • 1. Are airline pilots overpaid?
    • Yes
      30% 75 votes
    • No
      70% 176 votes
  • 2. What should determine a pilots pay?
    Most Popular Answer | 13.55% | 34 votes
  • 3. Pilots should make between...
    • $30K-$50K
      25% 62 votes
    • $70K-$90K
      27% 68 votes
    • No more than $100K
      24% 59 votes
    • It should not be capped
      25% 62 votes
  • 4. Would you ever fly in an un-manned airplane?
    • Yes
      26% 65 votes
    • No
      74% 186 votes

03/14/2012 Careers 2


  • SashaDarkCloud profile photo
    Sometimes I think that like in all industries, that their services are probably underpaid for all of the work that they do to make sure that thousands of people daily make it to their desired destinations. I would also never trust an un-manned plane only because I know from working with technology in daily life that things mess up, and in an un-manned plane would mess up big time and there really is no hope of being saved.
    over 4 years
  • Tailspin101 profile photo
    Overpaid? Not to long ago, several airlines circulated warnings that any of their pilots caught applying for food stamps (which they were QUALIFYING for) would be fired on the spot...(bad public image, they feared)...
    over 4 years