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This survey is to see how other parents would handle their children.

1. You are folding cloths and ask your kid to put their cloths up. Their response to you is, " NO!! I'M NOT DOING IT I'M BUSY RIGHT NOW!" They are not busy he/she is too busy playing on tablet/phone/game system. How do you handle this?

Take the phone/tablet/game system away for the rest of the day or until he/she puts their cloths up.
1,527 votes
Put their cloths up. It's not worth the fight.
234 votes
Whip him/her
110 votes
Bribe them. Offer candy or something they will like to make them do it.
128 votes
Other (please specify)
301 votes

2. You are going out to eat with family members and you ask your kid to pick something to wear and to get dressed. When you walk into his/her room they are playing a game and NOT dressed. So you tell him/her again, "It's time to go. Pick out your cloths and put them on." He/she says, "I don't know what to pick." So then you grab the cloths and tell them put it on now. He/she starts throwing a fit refusing to get dressed, they don't want to go. They are screaming at the top of their lungs telling you what they are going to do. Even calling you names. It's is time to leave. Yall are about to be late how do you handle this?

While they are screaming forcefully dress them.
348 votes
Scream at him/her to try to get louder than them.
152 votes
Threaten him/her
271 votes
Wait out the tantrum. Call family tell them you will be a little late.
1,046 votes
Bribe them
147 votes
Other (please specify)
501 votes

3. It's time to wake up for school. You have been trying to get your child dressed and out of the bed for almost a hour. It is now 15 minutes before you have to leave or he/she will be late. He/she has already ate breakfast. You already gave them their school cloths. They are screaming at the top of their lungs. They are telling you they are not getting up, they don't want to and don't have to. They are calling you dumb and mean. What do you do?

Snatch them up. Whip them. Then forcefully get them dressed.
240 votes
Wait it out. Take them to school late.
200 votes
Talk to him/her calmly. Explain how this is not acceptable and school is the most important thing.
507 votes
Calmly tell them, "Starting now. Every minute you keep screaming, not getting dressed, and name calling me is equals 1 day without phone/tablet/game system."
1,140 votes
Do nothing. There is no reason to fight with him/her. They only missed 1 or 2 days of school so far. There must be a goo reason they are acting like this.
182 votes
Other (please specify)
311 votes
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