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  • Do you think it's weird that they are showering together?
    1. Do you think it's weird that they are showering together?
    • Yes
      54% 2,066 votes
    • No
      35% 1,333 votes
    • Undecided
      11% 412 votes
  • 2. If it was only the babies they were showering with, would you think it was okay?
    • Yes
      65% 2,460 votes
    • No
      21% 784 votes
    • Undecided
      15% 567 votes
  • 3. Did you bathe or shower with your kids when they were babies?
    • Yes
      35% 1,324 votes
    • No
      32% 1,210 votes
    • Not Applicable
      34% 1,277 votes
  • 4. At what age do you think a child should be showering on their own?
    • 4-5
      42% 1,586 votes
    • 6-7
      31% 1,171 votes
    • 8+
      13% 514 votes
    • N/A
      14% 540 votes
  • 5. At what age do you think boy and girl siblings should stop sharing a bath or shower?
    • 2-3
      32% 1,215 votes
    • 4-5
      34% 1,292 votes
    • 6+
      18% 688 votes
    • N/A
      14% 535 votes
    • Other (please specify)
      2% 81 votes

03/27/2013 Parenting 37


  • hydearamae profile photo
    I'm a Mom and sometimes I can't get clean unless I bring my baby in the shower with me however as soon as my kids are old enough to ask me awkward questions about my anatomy I cover up in front of them.
    over 3 years
  • Kcjones04 profile photo
    I mean they should never
    over 3 years
  • charlyn profile photo
    I don't really everlet my kids bath together,They would probably flood the bathroom
    over 3 years
  • retired4180 profile photo
    Weird question
    over 3 years
  • rhirrel profile photo
    over 3 years
  • Frdlkstna40 profile photo
    kids need to learn self respect. i never remember this happening to me as a child. i do, however, remember my aunt giving me a bath, and i was very embarrassed at a certain age. that is because i was taught self respect.
    over 3 years
  • acleansweep profile photo
    the weird part is tori spelling telling us all about it. apparently she's not in the spotlight enough so she needs to create some buzz about herself, any press is good press, right?
    over 3 years
  • PsPups profile photo
    Americans are so much more hung up on sex than Europeans. Yet, it's perfectly ok. for kids to watch violent TV shows, movies or games. Taboo to watch someone making love but ok to see someone get blown up.
    over 3 years
  • bigfoot839 profile photo
    some of you are wrong being asked your opinion does not give you the right to judge as said earlier just because a person is naked doesn't mean it has to be sexual and the earlier kids learn that the better off they will be. stop sheltering your children and let them actually live a life and be happy about themselves
    over 3 years
  • seven profile photo
    This site is based on opinions. To each their own is the unspoken rule
    over 3 years
  • AnnieO profile photo
    To each their own. Stay out of other people's business.
    over 3 years
  • cynthialadnier profile photo
    Tiannasea that is a great idea. I have an autistic stepson and that would have been a great option if I would have known him when he was young enough to need me. Kudos.
    over 3 years
  • cisein profile photo
    Well said, polarmouse.
    over 3 years
  • cluhlenbrauck profile photo
    I like showers alone.
    over 3 years
  • tiannasea profile photo
    Re: age of showering alone depends on the child my youngest is 13 and severely autistic he is not capable of showering on his own. I wear my bathing suit in the shower to help him out. For now that seems to solve the problem.
    over 3 years
  • Sophia1957 profile photo
    I think it real strange for them to do this!?
    over 3 years
  • wicked1 profile photo
    Between Twitter and Facebook...I don't know which site is more asinine! Too much information being put on the internet.
    over 3 years
  • bettyrubble34 profile photo
    i'm so happy that i didn't have to shower with my family lol
    over 3 years
  • hindsfeet5 profile photo
    What's weird is her having to tell the world about it.
    over 3 years
  • Tourmaline profile photo
    kids don't need to see that gross
    over 3 years
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