Is Childhood Behavior Reversible?

Would you agree if I said "Negative behaviors learned as a child can be corrected when the individual in question is older?

Do you think if a child acts out (hitting others, spitting on others, etc.) it's "just a phase"?

For the last 4 years, a family members behavior has gotten very bad. He thinks it's okay to hit anybody who doesn't let him get what he wants, he refuses to listen if you tell him to get off the game system, and more. Do you think this is acceptable for an 11 year old to act this way?

If your child acted like this, what actions would you take?

He constantly needs to compete with everybody in the house. He needs to always be the center of attention. Constantly acting out even though in school, he behaves perfectly. Yet at home if you ignore him, he just gets louder and more annoying. If put in this situation, would you:

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By: LissaSmiles