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1. A year ago I witnessed a very strict, abusive father calling his child stupid for not riding his bike properly and badgering him until he cried. His son was begging the father to stop but the father continued and was laughing at his son being upset (due to being tormented by the father). To this day I regret not saying anything but I didn't know how to handle it, or if there was anything I could do, especially with my son with me. If you witnessed a child being verbally assaulted by a parent or caretaker which of the following would you do ? I want to know how to handle it better if I should witness a situation like this again.

Step in and say someting
502 votes
Call authorities
419 votes
Take video to shame them on social media
177 votes
Do nothing
305 votes
Other (please specify)
73 votes
Not Applicable
260 votes
10/12/2015 Parenting 1504 47 By: iamjme
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