Surrogacy Battle

Have you heard about the surrogate mother who is suing the biological father because he wanted her to abort one of the babies she was carrying?

Melissa Cook, age 47, was paid $33,000 by the man, named only as C.M. in the suit, to carry one child, plus an additional $6,000 for any other embryos that took. Cook was implanted with 3 embryos (CM's sperm and the eggs of a 20-year-old donor) and surprisingly all three took. CM reportedly immediately began to put pressure on Cook to "reduce", as he didn't want more than 2 babies, "for financial reasons". Do you think, since CM is paying her to carry his babies, he has a right to tell her to abort one of them?

Cook claims that CM told her she would suffer financially for not following his wishes. Cook is now suing CM. CM's lawyer says that their contract had a clause stipulating that CM could ask her to abort one of the babies. But now Cook is refusing, and her lawyer claims that California's surrogacy laws are unconstitutional. Do you think Cook should have to honor her contract? Or do you think asking her to do so violates her rights?

Cook now apparently wants to keep the 3rd baby. Do you think this sounds like a good solution?

Would you ever considering being a surrogate?

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