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Over a year ago, I did a survey about this Toronto couple, who through a surrogate, greeted their beautiful baby boy, Milo, into the world. The survey, of course, created some controversy (as expected) with some people loving the photos and some people "disgusted" by them. Now, almost a year and a half later, these same photos have been linked to campaigns against gay parenting.

In 2014, a photo of Toronto couple BJ Barone and Frankie Nelson cradling their newborn went viral.

1. In 2014, a photo of Toronto couple BJ Barone and Frankie Nelson cradling their newborn went viral. "That image has probably been seen in every country," said Lindsay Foster, who took the photo and is a friend of Milo's surrogate mom. But not all that viral attention has been positive, as politicians in Ireland and Italy have used the birth photo in their campaigns against same-sex parenthood and surrogacy. Do you remember seeing this photo and hearing about the two dads' story?

Yes, from a survey on this site a whole ago
130 votes
Yes, from the news
214 votes
1,031 votes
Can't recall
421 votes
Other (please specify)
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2. The conservative Italian Fratelli d'Italia-Alleanza Nazionale party and its youth wing had found the photo online and used it, without permission, in their campaign against gay parenthood. That was two weeks ago, Barone said. Then, last week, the couple was informed via Twitter that independent Irish politician Mary Fitzgibbon had been using their photos in advance of Ireland's Feb. 26 general election. Fitzgibbon's platform included opposing surrogacy for gay parents. "It was mostly about gay couples, men, having babies, because we're [supposedly] denying the right of the child to have a mother," Barone said. Instead of fighting back, and resorting to name-calling or legal action, Barone and Nelson have instead "invited" the two groups opposing gay parenthood to come visit them and see how well-adjusted and happy baby Milo is--without a "mother" figure in his life. Do you think these men reacted to the situation in the best way possible?

Absolutely--they chose the high road and in so doing, showed what wonderful role models their baby indeed has in them
778 votes
They should have fought back also --words alone cannot fight this type of hatred
132 votes
They should have sued, or resorted to some other legal action -- but not responded to these groups
133 votes
They should have ignored these campaigns and not responded at all
189 votes
Do not agree with gay parents having children/N/A
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Other (please specify)
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3. The dads say they're trying to look at the positive side of this episode in their lives. "Hopefully it will bring awareness around surrogacy and same-sex couples," Barone said. "And a lot of people, they're still uneducated, right? So I think it's a good opportunity for us to show the world that family is family." Do you agree with this statement?

Totally agree--family has been redefined (for the better) and the world is a better place because of this
676 votes
Agree in part, but hope Milo has some good female role models in his life as well (perhaps a grandmother or aunt)
372 votes
Mostly disagree--a family should be a mom and a dad, but hope these two can do as good a job as they think they can
222 votes
Totally disagree--this goes against everything I've been brought up to believe
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Other (please specify)
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