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37% of Online Survey Voters Approve of Trump-Pence Logo

Donald Trump has chosen Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate for the 2016 White House bid. We asked Tellwut online survey takers what they thought less than 24 hours after the announcement, only 17% thought that “The Donald” made a good choice by choosing Pence, 16% did not approve of the choice and the remaining 67% were not familiar with Governor Pence. This lack of faith in Pence, may stem from documented differences in doctrine between the running mates, prior to Pence’s nomination he has vehemently cited Trump as unconstitutional for his proposed ban of Muslims entering the United States.   Tellwut online survey takers were also asked whether they like Pence, similarly an overwhelming amount of voters were unfamiliar and only 15% stated that they like Pence. Tellwut online survey member anusualwoman favors Governor Mike Pence as Trump’s running mate but not because she views him as an ideal candidate, she says “I think Pence is a good choice because that means he had to drop his bid for re-election here in Indiana. He is a horrible governor and I'm happy to get rid of him.”   On a similar disapproving note, only 37% of Tellwut online survey community members approve of the Trump Pence logo with survey member mtgrammy commenting from a conservative pro-Trump point of view, “Of course the left wing liberal progressives didn't like the logo. They don't like anything about conservatives or their values.” The red and blue emblem is an interpretive take on the United States flag, a blue letter T is piercing through the bowl of the letter P which stand tall beside red horizontal stripes. Trump’s playground otherwise known as Twitter was a flutter with humorous one liners. Will Rahn, the managing editor for politics at CBS news digital, zinged with “How are we suppose to explain the new Trump logo to our children??” Rep Alan Grayson chimes in with “This logo accurately represents what Trump Pence will do to America.”   We asked whether or not Tellwut online survey takers viewed the potential presidential candidtes’ logo as sexually suggestive as their Twitter counterparts did. Overwhelmingly 83% did not see any subconscious erotic imagery. AnjaP says, “I don't think the average person would see a sexually suggestive image in that logo until and unless someone pointed it out. Even then, it's a stretch.”