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57% of Tellwut Online Survey Members Support Black Lives Matter

The deaths of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and several members of the Dallas police force have sent the American public and news media into a tailspin. In separate parts of the country Sterling and Castile, both young black men, died during incidents after altercations with police officers. Days later during a peaceful protest in Texas, Dallas police officers were targeted by a lone gunmen in response to the two deaths. 72% online survey takers feel that the death of Philando Castile by Minneapolis police officers was a case of brutality, and 78% feel the officer showed negligent behavior. In the death of Sterling, 70% of online survey voters feel that excessive force was used by the two Baton Rouge police officers who are now being investigated for his death.   Black Lives Matter is a social movement intended to highlight the prejudices that black people face. It was founded in the Summer of 2013 in the United States, it has since expanded globally mainly in part due to the far reaching impact of social media and the atrocities that people of colour face across the world. In a recent Tellwut online survey, we found that 43% of North American online survey voters do not support Black Lives Matter, wolfcrazy comments, “I support all lives matter. I think everyone is so filled with fear these days that everyone acts before they speak and listen.” The All Lives Matter movement was created in response to Black Lives Matter however it is often misconstrued by those who support it, while all lives do matter, the movement and the hashtag all lives matter ignores the plight and everyday negative nuances that people of colour face on a consistent basis. Tellwut online panel member Ipso, responds, “wolfcrazy, respectfully, the use of "all" in AllLivesMatters implies that there is "equal" access to resources, opportunity & justice.”   Blue Lives Matter is another national movement, organization and now bill, which was created in response to Black Lives Matter – its purpose is to help law enforcement officers and their families during times of need. A poll taken by Tellwut online survey community directly after the massacre in Dallas found that 73% of Tellwut online survey takers said they would show their support for police officers. Tellwut panel member padowd offers a suggestion, “If you see an officer stop them and just say thanks for what you do. They have a hard job. Just show them respect.” Regardless of whether you like or dislike the boys in blue, policemen and policewomen encounter criminals and face dangerous situations on a frequent basis, saying that this line of career is “hard” is an understatement.