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60% of Women Prefer to Die Over Living Knowing They Caused Death, Tellwut Finds

Almost 60% of females would rather die than live knowing they were responsible for another’s death a Tellwut survey finds. Only 44% of men felt the same way, in the online survey which asked “If you were involved in a fatal car crash where the passenger was killed and the driver survived and the crash was a result of driver error, would you prefer to be the driver or the passenger?" 57% of close to 5,000 voters preferred to be the driver and live. However Tellwut’s demographic gender survey results showed that females had a very different stance than men, with almost 60% of women saying they would prefer to be the passenger and die. Only 44% of men chose this answer. Why the stark difference in gender response? There is a lot written on females having a far greater capacity towards empathy; with females often viewed as being more altruistic than men. Studies looking at the differences in the composition of the human brain of men and women have shed some light on why women think differently. Research by both Dr. Godfrey Pearlson and Zeenat F. Zadi found that in women versus men the right brain is larger than the left brain; the right brain being responsible for perception and the ability to process the senses. Thus one might presume that with greater perception comes greater empathy, which can lead to greater feelings of guilt; hence why women are said to be more prone to depression than their male counterparts. As one female tellwuter said; “I couldn’t live with the guilt if it was my fault.” Though one hopes never to be or have been in this morbid situation, Tellwut’s survey results do highlight that the physical gender differences found in the human brain provide support to the divergence in thinking between men and women and in the case of this survey the desire to live or die.