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Don’t waste your time- clone your already existing online survey!

Often, businesses need to send out the same or similar survey to measure changes in employee attitude, customer attitude, product perception, image perception, etc. Then, instead of retyping a survey, they may just want to take the simple step to copy/clone their online survey. The Tellwut online survey feature also helps when business users want to run a test of a survey prior sending it out to their targeted group. So, if they need to know whether all questions are clearly written or if the survey they have created provides them with the information they would like collect, business account at Tellwut can clone it and send it out to their test group of people to collect their feedback on it.   So how do you clone your survey using the Tellwut Survey Software? It is very simple; that simple that I don’t even need to write a tutorial on it. You just need to go the survey tab of “Your Account” and click on the double-page-like button in the “Actions” column of the table.

copy a survey

Once you click on it you will be open a copy of your selected survey called (surprise, surprise..) “COPY OF my selected survey”.

copy of an online survey

Then, you are ready to adjust it to your current needs if necessary and publish it to collect opinions or feedback all over again, change your welcome and exit message as well as a survey exit link. To join our business e-newsletter list and get new business ideas, special discounts, consumer insights, and much more click here. Happy Surveying!