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Company Productivity, Brand and Reputation are all Impacted by Employee Satisfaction. Surveys can Help!

I was attending a Social Media Mixer organized by Media Tech Commons in Toronto and the presenter Mandy Gilbert, founder and CEO of Creative Niche, was covering the topic of Digital Marketing Recruitment. She spoke a little bit about company culture and mentioned that you can have an idea what the company culture is when you walk in an office. However, walking in a fun modern office with high-end technology, free breakfast, sun deck can sometimes disguise whether employees are actually satisfies with their work environment. With surveys you can uncover the perceptions and see how employees really feel! Surveys can help companies be more transparent about their level of employee satisfaction without asking employees directly to be transparent with their supervisors. If you are already convinced that surveys help, start a survey now! If you are not, continue reading. Employee satisfaction surveys allow you stay updated with the trends in your company’s internal environments (positive or negative) and collect measurable information about how the company is doing to make sure the staff is happy! Online surveys are easy to draft, quick to send out and analyze. You have 24/7 access to the information and real-time results. Learning about issues in an early stage can help you manage and control them. Employee satisfaction is essential for company productivity, brand and reputation (especially when knowing that there are employer review website like Glassdoor that can expose the truth and affect your company overall. Employee satisfaction can be observed from different angles: benefits and perks satisfaction, job satisfaction, team-work satisfaction, employee growth satisfaction, employee satisfaction with the company or its policies, internship/ volunteer satisfaction, training satisfaction, etc. Compact and clear satisfaction surveys will take less than 5 minutes of your employees’ time and can truly benefit your company and employees. You are just a step away from gaining insights to employees’ state of mind relating to your company! Online surveys can become your new communication model when people don’t feel free enough to share their opinions with you directly. Employees are more likely to share their problems and thoughts anonymously; this is one of the major benefits of surveys. Tellwut offers self-serve software that you can use to create and personalize your surveys to make them as specific as possible to your business needs. Generic surveys are boring! Make your surveys stand out and make them your own! Its time to show how much you value the work of you employees and that you care about how your employees feel and perceive the company! To join our business e-newsletter list and get new business ideas, special discounts, consumer insights, and much more, click here. Happy Surveying!