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Have you been paying attention? Seven questions about this week's news- Answered!

Here are the answers to our "News Trivia Survey" that was the Question of the Day on Monday! 2012 was the worst year in the United States for: Whooping Cough. 41,880 cases were diagnosed. More than $20 is now the price of: A pack of cigarettes in Australia. Some research suggests that smoking rates fall by 4% when prices are increased by 10%. If approved, this will be the second 25% price increase in the last 3 years in Australia. Who pays $1m for their babysitting? Jay Z and Beyonce. They rented out a nursery suite at the Barclay’s Centre in Brooklyn, New York for $1 million a year. They rented this suite out so their baby can be close by when they are either performing on stage or watching basketballs games. What has fallen to 7.8%? The US unemployment rate. Who got a map for their 100th birthday? Richard Nixon. The fold out map illustrates the life of Richard Nixon showing things like the farmhouse he grew up in and the elementary school he attended. Who has their own website and Twitter account? The Lone Gray Wolf OR-7, the 7th wolf in Oregon to be tagged with a tracking device. He wanders California alone looking for a new pack or mate. You can follow him on Twitter or on his website. A robot in England, designed to help analyze the effects of the Norwalk Virus is nicknamed: Vomiting Larry. Larry is a "humanoid simulated vomiting system" designed to help scientists analyze contagion in norovirus, one of the most infectious viruses of man. Did you get any right? Did you find any of these shocking? Look at the survey results and see how your answers compared to everyone else's!