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How Many Questions to Ask in a Survey for Best Results?

Survey participants don’t like spending a long time to complete questions. That is why surveys should be short enough so that people can answer to them truthfully and long enough to provide enough data and information you are looking to gather. To be more precise, the average survey should last no longer than 5 minutes, which means that it should consist of about 10 questions, taking your respondents about half a minute per question. In order to gain insights from your survey, prior to crafting it, you need to think about your goals. Ask yourself: “What do I want to learn from the results?” It is very important to be precise and direct when you craft your survey questions. Every unnecessary or irrelevant question can irritate the survey taker and cause them to lose focus and attention, especially if the voter is not being rewarded for taking your survey and is doing this as a favor for you. It is also important to give your survey respondents a chance to express their true experience which is why you need to form your questions and answers in a way that is objective. In addition, providing them with a space where they can write their opinions freely may provide you with additional insights. A piece of advice: stay on the topic and cover the questions that really matter to you. If you cannot cover everything you would like, separate your surveys by topic and create multiple instead of one long one. To join our business e-newsletter list and get new business ideas, special discounts, consumer insights, and much more, click here. Happy surveying!