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How to get your survey approved?

How to get your survey approved?

We're a market research company so we feel that curiosity is at the core of human nature. Brands use full fledged surveys to understand their customers or how to get new customers, making business decisions based on data from those surveys. But asking questions to solve problems is what made society evolve (somebody wanted to know how to build a fire so he asked a few other people until one had the answer). Being able to ask questions and get answers helps us understand what makes people tick, how things work or maybe just put a smile on our face.

We are curious and we're trying to build a place where curious people can mingle. We're also pretty opinionated and we're happy when those around us share their opinions too (so long as this is done in a diplomatic way). So we have a way where you can achieve these goals and be paid for it too! Yes, on Tellwut, it pays to design good surveys! Creating good surveys gets you paid 10-20 points, and answering them also allows you to earn 5-10 points.

We talk a bit on our FAQ page, but let's expand on it. 

What are the requirements for creating and answering user-created surveys? 

  • In order to create surveys/polls, you need to be a member. Non-members can answer them for the fun of it but to create surveys you need to be a member.
  • A member can post 1 survey within a 7-day period. On occasion, we give users who design good surveys consistently the ability to post more frequently. This is at our discretion.
  • Surveys go through an approval process by the site's admins. If your survey gets rejected and you're not sure why, shoot us an email at If we reject a survey, it doesn't mean you're banned from creating more so don't get disappointed and keep trying!

How exactly do we determine if a survey is good or not

  • First off, take a moment to look at previous surveys. Your question may have already been asked, or was asked in a similar manner, in which case we'll not approve the survey again.
  • When designing surveys, try to avoid open-end questions. While they definitely add more color to data, you'll also end up with a lot of garbage answers. Try using single or multi-choice answers questions for the best design. Open ended heavy surveys will be rejected (we have a comments section for a reason!).
  • Avoid inappropriate topics (for example, but not limited to only this topic: X-rated content). Cards Against Humanity may be a fun game for some people, but its not for everyone. So to the surveys need to be thought out in a way that will not offend or make people extremely uncomfortable answering.
  • Allowing neutral answers (i.e. Not Applicable) on questions allows users to complete the survey when the options provided do not resonate helps. 
  • Avoid creating surveys that criticize or question other members or their surveys. If you have any issues with a survey that was posted, please contact us directly at 
  • Avoid surveys where the majority of questions are "did you know" or "were you aware" type surveys. We are a survey site looking for opinions so we typically do not approve these questions.
  • Avoid surveys with misleading questions or misinformation. If you have a topic you'd like to make a survey about, present all the relevant information, not just want you want to share to mislead members.  

Tips & tricks from what we've noticed:

  • Keep it short: everyone loves short surveys. If one question is enough to satisfy your curiosity, go for it!
  • Don't ask questions that require users to identify themselves (i.e gender, age, race, ethnicity, working status and so on). We would not approve those surveys. 
  • Avoid asking surveys that discriminate certain groups. We will reject those surveys.
  • Ask your questions clearly. Sometimes we've had to reject surveys because we weren't really sure what the question was asking! You're free to revise, but we'd like to keep it clean for all members.
  • Caps Lock is not your friend! Avoid writing your surveys in all capitals. And on that topic, we also recommend not writing in all caps in the comments - it just makes it hard to read and feel like you're yelling at people.
  • Make sure if you are only asking one question to use the Single Question feature. If you click on Multi Question survey and only ask one question, the survey will not be approved. 

If you made it this far, please take a moment and give us some feeback about the survey feature.

 If you're not yet a member and want to create your surveys and get feedback from a large community of interesting people, Join Tellwut here!