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Non-profit Organizations Need Profits as Well- How Online Surveys Can Support Your Fundraising!

    Although prohibited to operate for profitable purposes, non-profit organizations also need profits to be able to operate and work towards achieving their ideals and help our world be a better place (protect wildlife, decrease the level of poverty, ensure education advancement). Just as for-profit organizations, non-profits need to know their external environment and find ways to keep the money flow going, which is why they organize charity events and fundraisers. Before starting a campaign for their next event, non-profit organizations need to analyze what their best practices are and using online surveys what their attendees expect from their charity events. In addition, they need to research their marketing channels and learn the details needed for a successful promotion of these so important events. Using online surveys, non-profit organizations can also collect contact information and ask questions related to demographics so that they can target the right audience when working on the organizing these events. For example, if you are a non-profit organization working on a fundraising event and you think that there will be more male attendees and you set up the event to appeal to them but in fact there are more female attendees, the next time you may want to research more prior to organizing your event. Online surveys can support you throughout the way to the actual event and after it. After the event has finished, non-profit organizations may want to evaluate their performance by sending out a fundraiser feedback survey to find out more about their strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of donors so that they can apply the change onto their new charity and fundraising events and respond to their market needs. Through a short general evaluation online survey, a non-profit organization can learn more about the general feedback from their last event. With a more detailed survey, they might be able to find out more information about the cost association with coming to a charity event, the food, the entertainment, fundraisers likeliness to recommend the event to their friends, co-workers, relatives, and also ask for recommendations. Insights coming from online surveys would assist non-profit organizations to manage their operations according to the information received from the online surveys taken by their immediate and very important stakeholders.