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Online Survey Website Tellwut Reaches Over $150,000 in Member Rewards Paid to Date

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Tellwut is a unique online survey networking platform in that it provides visitors with access to surveys and survey results before they even sign up. Visitors can browse the site and vote. Members get rewarded for taking surveys, posting their own surveys and referring friends. Most importantly, members do not get disqualified from taking surveys posted on the Tellwut Website. Voter Members have posted over 12,000 surveys on a variety of topics so that they can crowdsource information, find out what others think or settle the score on a friends or family debate. Tellwutters like to jump in and discuss surveys, responses and comments. “It is great to see so many happy Tellwutters active on the site. With over 3.2 million page views a month, site members are very engaged. We receive numerous emails from members expressing how entertaining and informative the site is and how excited they are to receive gift cards and participate in our various community promotions,” said Matthew Battiste, Director, Marketing & Sales at Tellwut. “As well, our active member base allows business clients to obtain immediate feedback on the pulse of an issue, product or service demographically.” Five top reasons to join Tellwut:
  • Tellwut makes surveys fun. Tellwut surveys are quick, thought-provoking and definitely entertaining.
  • Remain anonymous while voting on surveys and sharing your opinions. Vote anonymously on surveys and share your opinion.
  • Have a discussion with other Tellwutters. Become a part of this online survey community by telling “what you think” in the comment box below every survey and have a discussion with others.
  • Tellwut’s excellent gift cards and rewards program. Redeem rewards for gift cards from major chains in Canada and the United States like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy and Tango to name a few.
  • Craft surveys on topics that matter. Create surveys on current topics with entertaining videos and pictures and observe how votes rack up. This is a perfect chance to be in the spotlight and hear thousands of other opinions within 24 hours.
  As part of the Tellwut community, members can participate in contests and promotions on a monthly basis providing the opportunity to earn extra points, cash and win free giveaways. The Tellwut community has participated in picture contests, giveaway contests and survey competitions that add to the Tellwut experience. Tellwut’s most exciting extra-rewards contests were Worst Christmas Present, The Worst Date Story , “Settle the Score” Survey contest, and survey chase competitions like the Easter Hunt. Tellwut is currently running a Mother’s Day Photo Contest. Businesses requiring quick responses on product and service feedback have the Tellwut online panel waiting to tell what they think. About Tellwut Corp. About Tellwut®. Tellwut is a North American online community of individuals dedicated to expressing their opinions through online surveys based upon a wide variety of topics in exchange for rewards and the Tellwut community experience. The Tellwut community and proprietary survey and reward software application provide a platform for organizations to send surveys to their stakeholders or to crowdsource and conduct online market research through the use of the Tellwut survey platform and the Tellwut Community; thus allowing businesses a clearer understanding and insight into their products or services, customer attitudes and potential business opportunities.   Happy Surveying!