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Tips on personal goal setting and how to achieve them on your path to success.

Most people have the good intention of personal goal setting, however they are rarely able to follow through to successful goal achievement. The reason is that people let many distractions take them away from the steps required to meeting these goals. Whether it is family or work that eats into their time, people lose focus on why they have set goals and how to achieve them. Watch out for those time wasters like TV and video game playing that takes you away from what you really want. The first step to setting goals is to sit down in a quiet place and write out what is important to you. What are you passionate about? This should help you to set your priorities when focusing on your primary personal goals. Once you have listed your key goals, list the strategies required to meet these goals. Make them specific and set time-lines. Share these goals with those close to you so that they will be supportive and help you achieve your personal goal setting plan. If you want something badly, you won't procrastinate To be motivated to complete your goals, read books, watch motivational programs and attend training programs such as Paul Tobey's Training Business Pros course. Paul Tobey's inspirational training program will lead you through an exercise where you list your goals and then rank how you feel about them using the "true hearts desire intensity scale". This will greatly help in your personal goal setting process as it forces you to identify which goals you feel most strongly about and hence which you should prioritize. Goal setting will help you to:
  • focus positive energy on your goals,
  • overcome inevitable obstacles that might distract you,
  • gain personal happiness as you achieve success,
  • help attain those smaller goals on your way to your ultimate goal,
  • strengthen relationships with family and co-workers,
  • gain credibility,
  • increase your confidence and
  • be more productive and focused.
Are you interested in achieving goals and being more fulfilled with life? Setting goals is the key to any master plan for success. As a goal setter and goal achiever your confidence will skyrocket. Click here to take a goal setting survey and then see what the Tellwut community has to say about goals:
  • Do they set them?
  • What do their goals relate to?
  • How far out do they plan?
Take control of your life by meeting pre-established goals on your path to success.