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The Small Surveys = The Big Picture!

Many business users take advantage of the multi-question online surveys and not too many of the single-question… So, single-question online surveys have been staying single for a while. But now it is time to show them some love and express why they mean so much to us, which is why Tellwut would love to dedicate this blog to them. It is well known that people love sharing their opinions.. And that especially if it does not take much of their time. Single-question online surveys definitely have that time-saver quality. They are also so charismatic that businesses can collect the data they need without beating around the bush. Using them, Tellwut business users can ask for advice, opinion or feedback that is valuable (..of course, only if posted on the right platform, to the right audience, and at the right time) So, now you are probably wondering how the charming single-question online surveys can be implemented into your organization’s strategy program? – That, by itself, is a single question that can provide you with lots of good ideas… and here they are: 1. Ask for overall feedback on a particular topic: Do you think Kenneth Cole's tweet was meant to start a dialogue about Syria? or Would you support a "Homeless Ban" in your city/town? 2. To create content for your radio program: Immortality by 2045: Would you want to live forever if you were given the choice? Radios love surveys, don’t they? 3. To create content for your newsletter: Which industry do you think has the worst customer service? 4. To create content for your new blog: Which of these "10 Worst Shark Tank" inventions would you actually look into purchasing? 5. To crowdsource and learn what is the most likable business name, product name, website name for your start-up idea or simply plan a new contest or promo: Tellwut wants your help in choosing a name! 6. To measure how much people liked your contest: Best Survey Finals: Out of the following, which survey topic is your favorite? So by developing small by size online surveys you can easily collect information about the general public perception and respectively the big picture. Do you have a need for surveys? Send us an email to or visit us at Join our business e-newsletter list and get new business ideas, special discounts, consumer insights, and much more. Happy Surveying! If you could ask only one question about your business? What would it be? Write in the comment box below.