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Tellwut CA Newsletter - 50 Exclusive Points - May 13 2021


Tellwut News

Our weekly winner of 4000 points for participating in external surveys is : phoneninja!

EVERY attempt to participate in a third party survey OR complete one, will give you an entry into a WEEKLY draw for 4,000 points! The more surveys you try, you more chances to win!

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Be intentionally rude to or make fun of other members including making fun of their spelling or grammar. We want Tellwut to be a place for everyone to feel safe to comment and participate without fear of being made fun of.

Stephen Lecce apologizes for participating in fraternity 'slave auction' while in university

Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education for Ontario, is apologizing after a report emerged about him participating in a fraternity house “slave auction” when he was in university. "The event from 2006 was inappropriate and in no way reflects who I am as a person, which is why I unreservedly apologize," Lecce said in the statement. "Mr. Lecce chose to lead and participate in events that mocked and trivialized this painful history. He also chose to conceal them for years as a public official," said NDP candidates. -CTV News

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Majority of Canadians say abortion should be left as is, without legal restrictions: poll

A recent survey conducted by the nation’s leading co-ed youth organization, Scouts Canada, revealed that the average Canadian lacks basic outdoor skills. From accidental tent burning with hot lanterns to flood-related issues due to rain-filled tents, the majority of respondents, 39 per cent, who were asked to rate their own level of camping competence confessed that their skills are poor at best, if not outright dangerous. Only 36.3 per cent of Canadians rated themselves as ‘ok’.-National post

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Adults feel good just 47% of the time, poll reveals

Feeling good is becoming an increasingly rare commodity these days, according to a new survey. In a poll of 2,000 people in the United Kingdom, it turns out adults truly feel good — both mentally and physically — less than half of the time (47%)

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Dessert drinks over dessert eats, majority of Americans say

Nearly seven in 10 Americans prefer straws over forks when it comes to dessert, new research suggests. In a poll of 2,000 adults, 69% said they’re likely to order drinkable desserts rather than ones meant to be eaten. -SWNSDigital

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