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Tellwut Online Survey Contest Reveals The Worst Christmas Present

(PRWEB) December 31, 2012- The art of gift giving can be difficult and this holiday season you may end up with more things you feel like returning than keeping. Toronto-based online survey company Tellwut asked panelists from across North America to tell us about the worst Christmas present they had ever received. With over 70 entries, choosing which present was the worst proved to be a difficult task for Tellwut members. While Tellwut‘s online contest received entries of items you would expect to see on a “Worst Christmas Present” list including socks, fruit cake and cleaning supplies, there were a few things that provided quite the chuckle. Some worthy of mention, though not in the top five were a cell phone with no battery, cinnamon candles to a person whose family was allergic to cinnamon, brake fluid and motor oil from a husband and a box of cutlery from a boyfriend. These gifts might be considered sad, but the Top 5 were truly the worst. Coming in last place for the “Worst Christmas Present” title was a banana hammock; a small hammock held up by fake palm trees to hold bananas. Although useful, the tacky tropical decor is something that just doesn’t fit into most kitchens. In fourth place was a Mr. T Chia pet given to the recipient by their mother. Third place went to the Tellwutter who received a pencil from their Great Aunt Betty when they were 16 years old. A customized stamp set with the gift giver’s name went to the runner up. The re-gifter was unaware of their blunder. The gift that won the title of “Worst Christmas Present” was called “Humphrey the Humping Dog”, winning by a landslide. A Tellwutter received this gift from her boyfriend. All the recipient had to do was velcro the stuffed dog onto her leg and watch him go. Gift giving can be nerve wracking, especially when these occasions happen several times per year. Make sure to always give the perfect gift by writing down ideas when mentioned and by doing a bit of research. With 71% of Tellwutter’s agreeing that “Happy Wife meant Happy Life”, one can certainly extend this to the happiness derived in both giving and receiving a well thought out gift. Tellwut is a North American online community of individuals, with varying demographics, dedicated to expressing their opinions through online surveys based upon a wide variety of topics in exchange for rewards and the Tellwut community experience. The Tellwut community and proprietary software application provide a platform for organizations to conduct market research, through the use of surveys, to understand their business needs with respect to products, customer attitudes and related business concerns.