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Tellwut Online Survey Finds 71% Approve Of "Merry Christmas" Greeting

'Tis the season to be merry and what better way to greet one another than with a Merry Christmas greeting! Tellwut’s online survey found 71% prefer this Christmas greeting versus 29% believing that the "Happy Holiday" greeting is more in order.

Merry Christmas Or Should I Wish You Happy Holidays!

(PRWEB) December 19, 2013 The notion of political correctness is an ongoing topic of debate within society, especially when holidays and days of observance are approaching. A Tellwut member, interested in the debate over the political correctness of Christmas holiday greetings, posted an online survey on the topic and found that 71% will be using Merry Christmas versus 29% choosing Happy Holidays. 76% felt that political correctness surrounding Christmas holiday greetings has gone too far. Schools/governments and businesses both have been drawing lines on this issue. Oklahoma recently enacted a bill to protect the celebration of Christmas in schools and to allow for the use of Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah without criticism as reported by KFOR-TV and A. Edwards, December 9th, 2013. Texas passed a similar bill in June 2013. Several companies have tried to remain neutral about their stance on Christmas in order to avoid offending anyone and to appear inclusive of all cultures that may not necessarily celebrate Christmas. A review of a number of web sites of large companies found the use of the term "Holiday" most popular; however sites like Amazon, Walmart, GAP, JCPenney and Sam’s Club do reference Christmas, often with respect to the delivery of goods. Canadian Tire, in Canada, advertises as "Canada’s Christmas Store". It is Christmas, so why not say so! 71% of online panelists agree along with 69% believing that companies should not dictate how employees should be greeting customers over the holiday season. Whether you choose Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, 93% say don’t think about changing the name of the Christmas Tree to Holiday Tree! About Tellwut® Tellwut is a North American opinion poll forum, providing sentiment tracking, crowdsourcing, online market research via Tellwut’s proprietary web survey tools and rewards platform. The Tellwut network of online panel members participate in surveys and can create their own online surveys while participating in a social network that facilitates dialogue, debate and conversation across an infinite number of subjects. Tellwut’s web survey tools allow groups to crowdsource or garner online market research from the Tellwut panel. Organizations can privately survey their stakeholders or canvass the Tellwut panel base.