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Tellwut Online Survey Platform Offers 5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Social Media Presence

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(PRWEB) September 30, 2013

Many companies avoid social media, not realizing how important it is to increase one’s social media presence. In an online survey, Tellwut found that about 60% of your customers will value a social media presence as:
  • It provides a pulse on how one’s customers feel about the company and its product(s) and service(s);
  • It allows one to respond to customers personally, which even in a negative situation will earn trust; and
  • It allows existing customers to answer other customer’s questions, often becoming a free form of customer service and possibly the best company/product/service advocate one could have allowing one to strengthen brand while people on these social media sites promote you for free.
  In today’s world, companies must be transparent and what better way to do this than being front and center on social media. It’s also important to have an active user base so those one off complaints will not be the only posts. Every social media site offers something different so it’s important to figure out your needs by determining which social media sites are best for you.  
  • With 1.15 billion users, Facebook is the best social media site for sharing and connecting with your customers and fans.
  • Blogs are the most likely to help in a purchasing decision and are the most trusted by women.
  • Pinterest provides a great medium to find new products and related blog posts and
  • Twitter tends to be the first social media site online market researchers go to learn about a company’s customers.
  Do you know which social media sites your customers are on? Step 1 - Survey your customer base using Tellwut’s survey software to find out what social media sites your customers use and concentrate your resources here. Step 2 – All you have to do is ask. At the end of the survey to your customers, provide exit links so that they can immediately start following/liking your company. Step 3 – Continually engage your customers with surveys asking their opinion on a new product or service. Consumers like to feel that their feedback is finding its way to you. Always end with “the ask” – to like, follow and or “retweet” you. Step 4 – Put exclusive surveys on your social media sites and do a draw or contest for those who participate. Step 5 – Social Media contests, promoted through surveys. Customers might not read your posts, but they will answer surveys. Make a survey or info-survey about your contest or promotion and provide an exit link at the end of your survey directly to your contest or promotion sign-up or your information page. Gain customer confidence and become “Social Media” savvy. Not only will it increase consumer confidence, but it’s good for SEO. Take the Tellwut tips and increase your social media presence. About Tellwut®. Tellwut is a North American online community of individuals dedicated to expressing their opinions through online surveys based upon a wide variety of topics in exchange for rewards and the Tellwut community experience. The Tellwut community and proprietary survey and reward software application provide a platform for organizations to send surveys to their stakeholders or to crowdsource and conduct online market research through the use of the Tellwut online survey platform and the Tellwut Community, thus allowing businesses a clearer understanding and insight into their products or services, customer attitudes and potential business opportunities To join our business e-newsletter list and get new business ideas, special discounts, consumer insights, and much more click here.