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Tellwut online surveys reveals that 29% of voters want to see Leonardo DiCaprio play the part of Christian Grey

The book ‘Fifty shades of grey’ has become an international success, and in turn has transformed author E.L. James into a household name creating a rival for Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. The book examines the topic of sex, but delves into the deeper taboo topics of S & M, bondage and submissiveness. Despite its sexual tone, women praise the author and claim that this book helped to revitalize their marriage and create a dialogue about their sexual pleasures and fantasies without feeling ashamed. The books renowned success and large loyal fan base encouraged the idea of transforming the written version into a cinematic screen play. However, the reoccurring question that fans asked was “who would get cast to play the dominating and seductive Christian Grey and the naïve and submissive Anastasia Steele?” In a survey conducted by Tellwut, panel members were asked to state which male actor they would like to see play the role of Christian Grey. Over 3000 panel members participated in the survey and indicated that they would like to see Leonardo DiCaprio (29%) play the part of Christian Grey. Following closely behind is Ryan Gosling with 28% of votes, Christian Bale with 20%, Chris Hemsworth with 12% and Henry Cavill with 11% of votes. Despite what survey results indicate, the casting director decided to go with less well known actors Charlie Hunnman and Dakota Johnson to star in the movie. However, this has created quite some controversy among fans that do not want to see Hunnman nor Dakota as the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. In fact, some fans are so upset about who was cast as in the movie role that they have created a petition to demand that both actor Matt Bomer and actress Alexis Bledel take on the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Due to the controversy surrounding the casting of the characters for this movie, Tellwut wanted to know whether participants well known actors/actresses were important factors when viewing a movie. According to the results, 41% of respondents were more likely to watch a movie with a well known actress/actor, while 35% of voters would not choose to watch a movie just because a well known actor/actress was starring in the film. The remaining 24% of participants were undecided as to whether they were more likely to watch a movie with well known actresses/actors. When asked whether panel members would watch the movie when it comes out, 20% of panel members indicated that they would watch it, 45% indicated that they would not watch it and 34% of participants remained undecided as to whether they would watch the movie when it comes out. As it is still quite early in the production phase, it is interesting to see whether panel member’s opinions will change when the movie is ready to be released in theaters. At the moment, controversy, debate and petition is all that surrounds the movie that still needs to be made.