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Tellwut US Newsletter - 50 Exclusive Points - April 1 2021


Tellwut News

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Americans love football, but differ on whether kids should play

Football may be America's most popular sport, but the nation is deeply divided about whether youth should play the tackle version of the game. The findings come as participation in youth tackle has declined with growing concern about the effects of concussions on young brains, said Mariah Warner, lead author of the study and a doctoral student in sociology at The Ohio State University. -Science Daily

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Hump day blues: Wednesday is most popular day for therapy sessions

When people need to take care of their mental health, a new study finds “hump day” is a busy day for therapists. In a poll of 2,009 adults, 59 percent have either attended or currently attend therapy. Of those respondents, almost eight in 10 (79%) would rather have therapy during the workweek instead of the weekend (12%). About one-quarter (26%) prefer to have their session on a Wednesday, specifically.

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Many homebuyers face surprise repair costs soon after moving in, survey shows

Buying a home? Don’t forget to budget for repair costs. Most homeowners (77%) have dealt with an unexpected issue that required paying for a repair in their first year of owning their house, according to a survey from insurance firm Hippo.-CNBC

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Pusha T and Arby's Released a Diss Track to Take Down McDonald's Filet-O-Fish

Diss tracks — where a recording artist singles out a rival for a lyrical takedown — has an established history in hip-hop music. "Spicy Fish Diss Track" debuted March 21st on Arby's official YouTube channel, and right off the bat, Pusha T holds no punches against the tune's target. "I'm the reason the whole world love it; now I gotta crush it. Filet-O-Fish is ***, and you should be disgusted." Beyond financial compensation from Arby's, Pusha T apparently agreed to do the track due to a genuine grudge with MickeyD's. The rapper claims that he was heavily involved in creating McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It" jingle but wasn't well compensated for his work. Meanwhile, Arby's is using the track to promote their own fish sandwiches which feature prominently in the video.

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