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Tellwut's online survey finds that 90% of Americans plan to change their lifestyle as a result of high gas prices

Though gas prices seem to be easing off as the economic outlook deteriorates in the EU and US, prices are still up over last year. Given the outrage a month ago over high prices at the pump, President Obama can feel some relief as gas prices recede and this issue subsides, at least for now. During the height of high gas prices Tellwut posted an online survey surrounding this issue. With 300 votes on this topic, the following is a synopsis of the results:
  • 90% of Americans are changing some factors in their life style as a result of high prices, from 23% not taking trips with expensive fuel surcharges, 19% plan to take more transit, 22% said they have or plan to buy a more fuel efficient car
  • 50% consider high gas prices to be an election issue
  • 48% don’t agree with the way Obama is handling the situation
  • 49% believe big oil companies are to blame
  • Biggest contributor to high prices are thought to be: Increased demand for oil from developing countries such as China and India | 22%, US and EU sanctions against Iran, holder of the second largest global oil reserve. | 18%, Commodity speculation allowed for by the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 | 16%