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The Advice That Changed My Life- 53% of the Survey Participants Say that They Have Received Advice that They Will Remember Forever.

It is becoming harder and harder to sort out great information from good information. It is becoming even harder to sort out great advice from good advice, especially if we are looking for advice online. You can see more and more bloggers and writers that name their articles with names like “5 secrets to...” , “10 best ways...”, “ top 3 methods...” and cover topics from love and relationships to business and even health but do they really provide us with valuable answers to our questions. Nowadays, advice is everywhere but which one is the breaking point, the one that changes our world, business, relationships and perspectives overall. Tellwut conducted a survey to learn what survey voters’ experiences are with advice and if they have ever received any that has changed their lives. 2255 Tellwutters participated and the majority of them – 58% shared that they still ask for advice although they have access to so much information and they can check for solutions on their own. These results tell me a lot about us, humans and our nature- we are always looking for a personal experience when receiving advice. We trust professionals and their expertise, but we still need our closest people’s opinions and recommendations. So, Tellwut polled whether voters have received advice that has had a big effect on their lives. The advice was mostly given by family members- 32% (which was predictable), 19% by friends (which was predictable), 10% by teachers, 6% from co-workers and 5% from managers/supervisors. Minor but still important to mention were answers like Mentors, Pastors, Therapist/Counselor, and even strangers. Then, Tellwut used its survey tool to dig even deeper and found out that most of the people who have received their most memorable advice was about their Life and Relationships. Almost 54% indicated that they have needed advice about their lives and relationships. The other two key areas that people needed guidance for were related to business (13%) and professional development (19%) which are. It is important to have someone to rely on for advice but it is also extremely important what the outcome is. Nearly 45% stated that the most memorable advice they have received, has had an impact on their lives and 50% of them say in a positive way. However, 8% of the voters share that “the advice of their lives” has actually affected them in a negative way. Which leads me to the thought that: Yes, most of people who advise us want the best for us, but their way of thinking and acting may be totally different from ours. We should not underestimate or overestimate what people advise us but just listen and take under consideration. Advice is not a decision; advice is a guidance that we can hear before we make a decision for ourselves.