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The Number One Question Tellwutters Want Answered: What Happens When We Die?

What actually happens when we die? That’s the answer Tellwut panel members are looking for according to a recent online poll. The survey gave Tellwutters the option of 8 questions they would want answered most. The highest single response at 31% was “What happens when we die?” Many Tellwutters already have their own opinions on what happens after death, as evidenced by another online survey completed a few months ago. In that survey , 41% believe in going to Heaven after we die, 21% believe that nothing happens, 15% believe in reincarnation and 11% believe in transmigration of the soul (our soul is reborn into a human fetus). It seems like many people have their own thoughts on the afterlife already but want the truth. “What is the cure for cancer?” was the second most popular question that Tellwutters wanted answers to. One Tellwut member chose this answer and said “Cure for cancer-save lives instead of satisfying your curiosity.” Is a cure for cancer something that we should look forward to soon? Tellwut voters think no, with 53% believing they won’t see a cure to cancer in their lifetime in another survey. Some voters believe this is because pharmaceuticals make too much money off drugs to treat cancer that they won’t release a cure. One Tellwut member says “no cures when there is money in treating a disease.” If this is true, then having the cure to cancer would be a beneficial question to ask. The third most popular question that Tellwutters wanted an answer to was “Does God exist?” with 8% choosing that option. A previous Tellwut poll found that 64% of voters already believe in God. Tied with the God question was “How will the world end?” Maybe rapture on December 21st like the Mayan calendar predicted? 90% of our panel said “no”, they didn’t believe rapture would end the Earth when asked in a previous poll. Tying for fourth place is “What is the meaning of life?” and “Is time travel possible?” both with 7%. In another ongoing Tellwut survey asking the meaning of life, the leading answer is “to be a good person” with 28%. And last but not least is “What’s in Area 51?” and “Do aliens really exist?” with 6% each. Another recent Tellwut poll found 48% of Tellwutters do believe that aliens exist. Through other online surveys, it appears that panelists already have their opinions on the questions in this poll. So which one of these questions would you most like answered? Or is there another one we forgot to mention? Leave a comment below to let us know!