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The Ultimate Tutorial - How to Create Fun Online Surveys. Let’s make surveys more exciting than ever!

The Tellwut team has written a previous blog that provided you with instructions on how to produce helpful and accurate results for your surveys by avoiding: leading questions, providing clear instructions and keeping your survey concise. See the blog here. However, this time we wanted to talk about how to turn your surveys into success by crafting them to be fun and engaging for everyone who takes them!

So here is your ultimate tutorial on how to create fun surveys:Tellwut loves to learn more about our voters by reading what surveys they craft for the thousands of voters who are eager to vote and ready to share their opinions. However, everyone wants to be a part of something amazing, so let’s make your next survey irresistible! Here are some basic guidelines that can take you from good to great!

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 3.44.35 PM

  • How the survey topic can put you front and center! Pick a topic that is trendy, fun, and interesting for you and the voting members on The chosen topic can be on product (the new high-end mascara you just bought), service (your customer service experience at a big box store that amazed you), current news (the tax-free online shopping law changes), about a celebrity (Justin Bieber’s next tour), or favorite show on TV. Make it current and ask yourself what would be interesting for the crowd to read about.
  • The importance of a strong title: Spend some time crafting a title for your survey that would attract people to take it- Make it short and relevant to your topic! Make it stand out!
  • Additional content can help everyone understand your topic. If you feel that is necessary to provide additional information to make your content more clear, just do it! Tellwutters would have fun educating themselves on your favorite topic.
  • Good questions are IMPORTANT. When crafting your questions - go from more general to more specific and end with more general questions. It is like writing an essay- offer an intro, body and end. This is a great survey the Tellwut team loved!
  • Be specific. Tellwut does not allow open answer type of questions unless you have a business account, so please be more specific with your answers and provide choices to the voters. Don’t leave your questions open to a lot of interpretation.
  • Remain unbiased. Try to cover all the possible answers and remain unbiased by not influencing other with your own opinion. That will allow you to really understand what the majority of the people believe in. If you are not sure whether you have covered all possible answers, always provide the “Other” option that will allow voters to specify what “other” answers there might be. “Other” sometimes helps you get broader answers to your questions that you may not have thought of.
  • Always use friendly language. No one likes to be given terms that are hard to read or recognize. When you believe that it is necessary to use terms, provide a description so that you will get true answers.
  • Good Grammar = Good Surveys. Surveys are a representation of yourself and you want to look good in front of all Tellwutters, right?
  • Make it fun - by uploading pictures and embedding videos. Tellwutters love taking interactive surveys. They help to educate voters, introduce them to the topic and make the survey more engaging. To learn how to embed videos click here.
  • The best part at is that we are a social network. You have the choice to anonymously take surveys or share your opinions by writing in our comment box below the surveys to share with the other Tellwutters. Isn't that great!?

There are a lot of engaging and interesting surveys that we receive every day but let’s use these helpful tips to make them more fun, educational and engaging for other members!

Happy Surveying!