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What is your favorite genre of books or movies?

01/14/2020 Movies 2458 23 By: Mystiblue77

Children of Paradise

01/12/2020 Movies 2374 26 By: GossamerDoll

Little Women

01/07/2020 Movies 2222 42 By: Harriet56

Who is the all time best marvel character?

01/05/2020 Movies 2343 35 By: youngpeeling

What is most important in a movie being good?

01/03/2020 Movies 2666 34 By: bluetry35722

Have you watched all of the Fifty Shades of Grey movies?

01/02/2020 Movies 2519 45 By: cknox5018

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker movie

01/01/2020 Movies 2252 32 By: REDTATTOOHEART