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1. Have you seen any coverage of the 2018 G7 Summit?

Not interested in these political gatherings. Boring!
934 votes
I've seen a bit on the news but not paid much attention to it.
866 votes
I've followed it to see if any new agreements come out of it between G7 country leaders.
400 votes

2. Did you know that President Trump showed up late, disrupting the proceedings?

1,317 votes
883 votes

3. In a photo op President Trump was featured giving a framed picture of the 'hotel' his grandfather, Friedrich Trump ran in the Canadian Yukon during the Gold Rush. But what has since been revealed is that Friedrich, knowing little English and having no connections after immigrating, amassed a nest egg to take to New York in a short amount of time by running a brothel. Are you surprised that the Trump family tree has this seedy beginning in North America?

Nothing surprises me anymore about the Trump family
1,739 votes
Yes, I had no idea the hotel and building tycoon's fortune began, literally, on the backs of prostitutes.
461 votes

4. Do you find it humorous that Trump gave a picture of this place to Prime Minister Trudeau at this official national meeting?

It's pretty funny. Didn't he think anyone would find out the hotel was actually a brothel?
583 votes
I bet Trump doesn't care, everybody has a few nuts in their family tree and skeletons in their closet.
548 votes
Maybe he was sending a message to Trudeau about his opinion of Canada, the problems negotiating the NAFTA agreement and what he thinks of businesses in Canada.
266 votes
Who cares. Not my monkeys, not my circus!
803 votes
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