Debt: good or bad?

I'm curious about the ways people view debt. In Canada our national debt to income ratio is a reported 173.6% according to the Jan 2019 issue of Maclean's magazine. This means we owe $1.736 for each dollar we earn. In Vancouver, it is 242%.

Do you have debt?

What kind of debt(s) do you have?

Do you ever have trouble making all of your payments each month?

If you selected, not applicable....why? EG: too young to have debt, religious reasons, etc.

There are tons of financial "gurus" out there and various rules of thumb. Which are you familiar with?

In the event that you have (or will have in the future) debt, how would you repay it?

In the event that you have several debts, and you had an extra $1,000 to put towards any of those debts, how would you decide which to pay first?

Do you earn enough money to live? That is, can your employment income pay your grocery, rent/mortgage, childcare, vehicle expenses (gas/insurance/car payment), etc?

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