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1. Across North America (and elsewhere in the world) there are numerous government run or sanctioned multi-million dollar lotteries. Typically they tend to be of the Pick-6 or Pick-7 variety, take place once or twice a week and cost between $1-$5 per ticket to play each time. Do you ever play any of these type lotteries?

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740 votes
Not Applicable
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2. It seems most if not all of these lotteries are structured on a 'winner-take-all' basis where (usually) one ticket wins a multi-million dollar prize and all the secondary prizes, given the overall size of the prize pool, are sadly under-rewarded relative to the odds of winning them. Considering this, would you be more encouraged to play these lotteries - or play more often - if the grand prize jackpot was split between more winners and/or reduced somewhat to allow for more worthwhile secondary prizes so to spread the wealth a little more?

Yes. I would probably start playing or playing more if I could see a greater chance of winning a difference-making amount. The way they are now 99.9% of people will never even win back the money they end up spending on these lotteries.
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No, either I like the prize structure of these lotteries as they are or I would never play these kind of lotteries regardless of how the prizes were apportioned because I consider playing them to be nothing more than voluntary taxation.
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I am undecided
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Not Applicable - these lotteries are not available where I live.
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3. Which of the following would you be more interested in playing?

A lottery with one grand prize of $50 Million.
187 votes
A lottery with one hundred grand prizes of $500,000 each.
719 votes
Not Applicable - would not be interested in playing either.
568 votes
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