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1. You find $100 dollars on the ground; would you keep the money or try to find the owner?

Keep the money
1,168 votes
Try to find the owner
648 votes

2. A woman kills the man who raped and murdered her daughter as an act of revenge. You were the only witness to her crime. Would you turn the woman into the police?

Yes, I would turn her in
677 votes
No, I would not turn her in
1,139 votes

3. You have the responsibility of hiring a new employee at your workplace. One of your friends applied and although they are qualified for the position, someone else seems even more qualified. Who do you hire?

Your friend
587 votes
The more qualified applicant
1,229 votes

4. You are a doctor with five patients in need of organ transplants. A healthy man walks in for a routine check-up. You could kill him without any legal repurcussions and save the lives of those five other patients. Would you?

Yes, I would kill him
183 votes
No, I would not kill him
1,633 votes

5. You must let either the love of your life or one million strangers die. Which would you choose?

Save the love of your life
1,108 votes
Save one million strangers
708 votes
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