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1. When it comes to those you call close friends, do you feel that sharing the more intimate details of your personal life is a welcome sign of the trust between you? Do you see the freedom to be open and honest when it comes to your deepest feelings as a blessing, or do you generally impose limits when it comes to just how much you will share?

Welcome complete candor within my friendships as long as trust and a willingness to reciprocate are present
961 votes
I would prefer to know less about my friends if it means not having to worry about my own privacy being violated
786 votes
reasons you have come to feel so inclined
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  • na
  • because if you do not really trust each other are you really close friends

2. Which makes you more at ease – sharing secrets, or keeping them?

1) Sharing my own secrets with those whom I trust
621 votes
2) Keeping the secrets of those who choose to confide in me
1,126 votes

3. Do you generally feel more at ease confiding in strangers on line about personal issues than you do with those you see personally?

298 votes
632 votes
817 votes
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