Wacky Word Problems

A Montessori school in Cincinnati was recently investigated by the school board when some controversial test questions were posted by a concerned parent on Facebook. Did you hear about this?

Fouth graders were given such questions on their math test: "A recipe for 48 ounces of punch calls for 23 ounces of fruit juice and liquor. The rest is club soda. How much of the recipe is club soda?" and " the Jones family, whose food stamps are getting cut $14 a week next month. How much will the Joneses get now? How much were they getting before?" Do you find these questions inappropriate?

If you were a parent who saw these questions on a test, how would you handle it?

Has your child ever had what you felt was an inappropriate question on either a test or homework? (If so, share in comments!)

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By: MamaV1776