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Sinead O'Connor has taken to Facebook to communicate with her family once again. Sunday, the singer threatened suicide in a distressing post on the site before being located in Dublin. Then Monday, she wrote an open letter to her family again, lashing out at them. The alarming social media activity comes after an alleged recent squabble to see her youngest children, Shane Lunny, 11, and Yeshua Bonadio, 8. In her latest post seemingly written from a hospital on Monday, O'Connor said that her children came to visit her in the hospital while she was on "life support" but that they left before she woke up. It is unclear when O'Connor was on life support, as police told Ireland's Breaking News she was found "safe and sound" after saying she'd intentionally overdosed Sunday.

1. Have you ever used Facebook as a method to reach out to your family via writing an open letter?

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