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1. I've been wondering what US citizens would do if Donald Trump was currently in his late 30's to early 40's and was married to his lovely and personable wife Ivana and had 3 preteen children and was a young charismatic president but had entered the White House in the same possibly illegal manner he has currently done so. I've seen photo's of Trump at that age and he resembles Leonardo DiCaprio who as most people agree is really good looking. Would his good looks and adorable family have made people more supportive of him or would they have been equally as eager to impeach him then as they do now that he is not so good looking and elderly? What is your take on this?

He must be impeached and removed from the White House regardless of his good looks and youthful charisma.
869 votes
He is young and good looking, we all love him, he must stay.
550 votes
I'm Canadian and have no voice in the matter/I really do not care.
481 votes
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