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I was excited enough about this year's U.S. census for me to have submitted a survey about it earlier this year. Now let me tell you and ask you about my experience trying to work it.

1. I applied for a census position in January 2020 and had my picture & fingerprints taken the next month, expecting training & work to start in spring. THEN covid-19 hit the U.S. My introductory training & swearing-in session didn't occur untl late July. Even then, I didn't know of the hour it started until I called a regional office that morning! Even during a public health emergency, does this seerm like reaonable delay and organization to you?

371 votes
No (but it may be typical of federal bueaucracy, pandemic or no)
1,174 votes
855 votes

2. When the 2010s census was taken in 2010, all its information was compiled on paper. This year, however, the iPhone is the tool of choice. Per my physical disability, this proved problematic. An order for a voice-activated 'phone was put in for me, but THEN it was discovered that an app could be downloaded to the 'phone I was already lent to make it voice-activated. The attendant confusion took time I could have been working. Do you think this matter could have been handled more efficiently?

Yes (and I may make a comment on how it could have been handled more efficiently)
723 votes
No (&, again, this may have something to do wth it being a government activity)
587 votes
1,090 votes

3. Also cutting into what time I could have had census-taking was the shortened time allotted for it. As I heard it from my supervisotr, especially populous states with Democrat leadership pressured the Commerce Department to truncate the census from the end of October to the end of September, as so many of their residents are fleeing to states with lower taxes (doubtless among other Dem'-related reasons). Does this seem fair to you regarding the constitutional mandate to take the census?

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651 votes
927 votes
I'm Canadian and have no stake in this.
543 votes

4. Including training, mileage and meeting with my supervisor (a most pleasant lady I'd forgotten I knew from a couple other contexts) to untangle the messes involved in my intended census employment, I'm expecting pay for the equivalent to 1&1/2 work days. BUT, I recently was sent a notice from the Commerce Dept. via Fed-Ex informming me of my termination of employment with the census bureau, of which I was already aware. Do you think the govt. could have saved much money in sending me its correspondence by postal or electronic mail?

987 votes
449 votes
Um, maybe?
964 votes

5. Census employment was a bust for me, though not really of my own doing. But if you worked/are working it, how did it/is it going for you? .

It's my first time working it, and it went/is going well for me.
57 votes
It's my first time working it, but it's been more trying than i'd anticipated.
64 votes
I've worked at least one previous census, and this time is going/went about well for me as it has in the past.
82 votes
I've worked at least one previous census, but this time is/was more difficult.
68 votes
I, like you, was set up to work the 2020 census, and governmental screwiness botched it for me, too.
46 votes
Not Applicable
1,544 votes
I've not worked this nor any previous year's census.
539 votes
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