Results for - As a Canadian observer of US society with over 40 years of affection for the American people in general, I am dismayed about the polarization of public opinion about almost everything and the role mass media plays in making a bad situation worse.

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"The nation is abuzz with anticipation of the televised January 6 Committee hearings making their prime time debut this week James Goldston, a former ABC News executive, has reportedly been hired by the Democrat-led committee to really "wow" the American people with a multimedia presentation aimed at objectively and judiciously seeking the truth of what really happened that fateful day." I am assuming this is a satirical comment intended to be amusing but is there an element of truth to it?

1. We are already seeing signs that these committee hearings are being used by Democrats to stick it to Republicans, those who voted for them, Trump and all who assisted him and/or supported him in any way. It seems obvious that such objectives will alienate a large segment of US society and increase the level of divisiveness. Surely the goal of this committee should be to explore what happened in an analytical way in order to learn what happened and why, with a goal of preventing an event like this from ever happening again.. As such, the committee should have Democrats, Republicans and Independents on it (if such can be found) and media coverage should be redistricted to the regular White house press to prevent a media circus. What do you think?

It is impossible for a committee like this to NOT be partisan. The committee is controlled by the Democrats and they should be allowed to set the agenda.
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This is part of the US political landscape and the Republicans would do the exact same if they were in the same shoes.
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Regardless of how these committees have operated in the past there has never been as direct a threat to democracy as happened on January 6th and there is no room for bipartisanship in this investigation.
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Democratic nations in the rest of the world will be watching what happens in this committee so it is important for democracies in north America and elsewhere that they see due process is followed and that the US sets an example for the rest of the world.
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Revenge is sweet. As long as Trump is not able to run again in 2024 I will be happy. If he is in prison so much the better.
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Other (please specify)
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Not Applicable
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If you are not an American, how much interest is there where you are?
  • The 10% of the population that is rabidly pro Trump or anti Trump will watch - not me!
  • Absolutely none. Everyone I speak to refers to this entire 'thing' as a joke.
  • Unknown

2. Republican lawmakers have pounced on the House select committee, accusing them of putting on a politicized, narrative-driven stunt rather than seeking truth. The January 6 Committee said the opening stages of the hearing will include previously-unseen video footage of the Capitol riots. Do you think these clips will be filtered to show the most extreme moments only or will they be a general presentation of events including crowd members who tried to prevent the riots.

Republican lawmakers may complain but their supporters deserve whatever punishment is meted out in the aftermath of the hearings. Those who did not riot are guilty by association. Any reasonable person could have predicted what was going to happen.
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The majority of those present were merely exercising their constitutional right to protest peacefully. They had no way of knowing there were anarchist gangs in the crowd bent on mayhem and worse. Video evidence should show a balanced representation of peaceful protesters and the ultra violent.
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The whole event was staged under a false flag scenario with the rioters being recruited and paid to do as much damage as possible to the cause of democratic freedom. Please cite evidence of this.
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Was this an organised event or more spontaneous? Why do you think that?
  • The logistics in arranging for so many people to show up and capitol staff to be reduced at the same time shows it was not an ad hoc event.
  • Organised, because trump basically ordered it, by instigating it.
  • We have way too many individuals on this site that act like whiny, pathetic losers with White male grievance issues.

3. Do you think these committee meetings, since they are being widely televised, should be watched by all citizens regardless of political stripe, to ensure a more balanced approach is followed. Do you agree that with such a huge number of witnesses this will provide enough pressure to ensure the fairness of the meetings regardless of the initial more partisan objectives? In other words, will you be watching? Is it also important for non citizens to watch?

I am a US citizen and I will be watching.
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I am a US citizen and I will NOT be watching.
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I am not a US citizen and I will be watching.
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I am not a US citizen and I will NOT be watching.
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Other (please specify)
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Not Applicable
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If you are going to watch, what do you expect to see? Is this what you hope to see?
  • I expect to see political opportunists and politicians with integrity - only the latter should run for president.
  • WOW! WHOOSH! It's obvious these hearings and what they represent have completely sailed over your head.
  • I expect a lot of cover ups, and misguiding, but hope for fairness, objectivity, and justice
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