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Results: House expels George Santos in historic vote

Published on 12/04/2023
By: Tellwut
The House voted Friday to expel Rep. George Santos, ending the New York Republican’s tumultuous tenure in Congress and officially etching his name in the history books as the sixth lawmaker ever to be ousted from the lower chamber.

The extraordinary move, unseen in 20 years, took three attempts over six months and required support from large numbers in both parties to meet the inflated threshold — two-thirds of the chamber — for expelling a sitting member. The final tally, 311-114-2, surpassed that mark, with 105 Republicans joining almost all Democrats to remove the scandal-plagued Santos after just 11 months in office. In your opinion, do you believe the expulsion of Rep. George Santos was justified based on the allegations and findings outlined in the Ethics Committee report?
1293 votes
197 votes
544 votes
Not Applicable
666 votes
112 Republicans backed Santos on Friday despite the growing controversy swirling around him. Those voices warned that removing an elected lawmaker from office — without a criminal conviction — sets a dangerous precedent that could lead to unwarranted, politically motivated expulsions in the future. Santos has over 20 charges against him including wire fraud, conspiracy to commit offenses against the United States and money laundering. Should expulsion from Congress be based solely on criminal convictions, or do you think serious allegations alone warrant such action?
Expulsion from Congress should be based solely on criminal convictions
510 votes
Serious allegations/charges alone warrant expulsion
1008 votes
483 votes
Other (please specify)
24 votes
Not Applicable
675 votes
Other Answers Percentage Votes
0.35% 7
Both 0.10% 2
suspend him until the final verdict is in 0.05% 1
A mix of both would be preferred 0.05% 1
immorality and ethics should be important--His lies are evil 0.05% 1
Both, as Santas is a complete fraud and wanted in another country for committing criminal acts 0.05% 1
Expulsions should be considered on a case by case basis. In this case against Santos, he should be expelled. He has too many things happening. New York needs someone representing them that is able to concentrate on the job he was elected to do. 0.05% 1
He never should have been installed in the first place! Yes, he needs to be thrown OUT 0.05% 1
no one is above the law. He lied on many of the forms he filled out. 0.05% 1
The house (or senate) should have its own investigative process separate from the Justice system. our lawmakers should be held to a higher standard. 0.05% 1
Recall vote 0.05% 1
Nothing in the constitution or the rules says criminal conviction, he got his due process in the Ethics Committee report and the House was his jury. Same as impeachment, no criminal conviction required. 0.05% 1
All of the above. 0.05% 1
I don't care 0.05% 1
Bob Menendez, =Democra Double Standards of Justice 0.05% 1
lying to get votes 0.05% 1
Serious allegations w/substantial written proof, which is what there was here. 0.05% 1