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Results: Equal Skepticism Among Americans Regarding Biden and Trump's Commitment to Protecting First Amendment Rights

Published on 05/10/2024
By: Tellwut
A new poll from the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression finds that no matter which major candidate wins the 2024 presidential election, Americans are fearful about the future of free speech. When asked about their confidence that President Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee pursuing re-election, will protect their First Amendment rights, only 34% of Americans said they have “quite a lot” or “full” confidence, 21% said they have “some” confidence, and 45% said they have “very little” or “no” confidence. The results for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are virtually identical. Thirty-four percent said they have high confidence he will protect their First Amendment rights, 19% said they have some confidence, and 47% said they have little-to-no confidence.