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  • 1. Do you think that Obama should have discussed his opinions about the growing racial tension in America regarding the Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman "Not Guilty" verdict?
    • Yes, I think it was important that Obama expressed his own opinions regarding the growing racial tensions in America after the Not Guilty verdict for George Zimmerman
      37% 1,591 votes
    • No, I do not think that Obama should have discussed his own opinions regarding the growing racial tensions in America after the Not Guilty verdict for George Zimmerman
      38% 1,655 votes
    • I am undecided
      25% 1,111 votes
  • 2. Do you agree with Obama's comments?
    • Yes, I agree with Obama’s comments
      28% 1,222 votes
    • No, I do not agree with Obama’s comment
      26% 1,146 votes
    • I agree with some of his comments
      21% 895 votes
    • I prefer not to comment
      25% 1,094 votes
  • 3. Do you agree with the current "Not Guilty" verdict regarding George Zimmerman?
    • Yes, I agree with the “Not Guilty” verdict regarding George Zimmerman
      29% 1,253 votes
    • No, I do not agree with the “Not Guilty” verdict regarding George Zimmerman
      34% 1,503 votes
    • I am undecided
      37% 1,601 votes
  • 4. Do you feel that racial profiling is an issue within America?
    • Yes
      57% 2,468 votes
    • No
      15% 655 votes
    • Undecided
      17% 732 votes
    • Not Applicable
      12% 502 votes

07/21/2013 Politics 85


  • cisein profile photo
    First off, this case was not really about race, it was about a Judges Son. In order to keep people from seeing the injustice because of his connections, they started with race. Zimmerman is racist, but that wasn't the issue. Also,Zimmerman is NOT WHITE! How did everyone start calling him white? I do feel the verdict was so wrong, but not surprising;he is a Judges son. The worst part of it is, Zimmerman was wrong. He assumed this kid was up to no good, killed him, and has never felt any remorse for the fact that it was all a mistake.
    over 3 years
  • offzwal profile photo
    over 3 years
  • Smayer7 profile photo
    WOW!!!! First time seeing that speech... The ONLY THING Obama did in that speech is spread the racial tension by saying "that could have been my son, that could have been me" ...... As if this case wasn't about SELF DEFENSE. I'm TIRED of all this racial tension. He's just helping the separation of blacks & whites. He could have worded his speech differently
    over 3 years
  • liberty61 profile photo
    why shouldn't the president vent his opinions just like anyone else. he is human, too-and has a viewpoint, too. people immediately get defensive but racial tensions are a reality in this country and that is the truth. George Zimmerman got away with murder and that's the truth also.
    over 3 years
  • jwalk profile photo
    As our president Mr. Obama should be trying to get us together. I dont think we will ever see the complete togetherness between black and white. Things are as they have always been. All these white people who say they understand and love the Black race have as much hatered as they have always had, they just hide it very well.
    over 3 years
  • martale profile photo
    Obama was no more right in voicing his opinion on the Zimmerman/Martin verdict than he was on voicing his opinion re: the Professor who had been gone sometime and had difficulty getting into his home. Remember that the police questioned him and the man was very indigent. Obama put his two cents in and it became a big issue. If someone had broken in to his home and the police had questioned them what would Obama have said about that. He is incapable of being totally unbiased and he does not have that privilege as President.
    over 3 years
  • nvoeau profile photo
    i do think there is a degree of racial profiling but not to the point African Americans think it is. I don't know any White people who set out to hurt blacks in my state, although im sure there are some.I agree with the verdict for zimmerman only because the jury was given 2 orders of conviction and they based their decision of whether the crime fit those 2 sentencing. I do however believe Zimmerman had he been charged with negligent homicide or something less than manslaughter or 2nd degree murder he would have been found guilty.I think the president should have stayed out of it and let the courts do their job, thats what we have juries for, I don't think the jury was being racist as i cannot for the life of me believe that a jury of all females , mothers themselves could base their decision of race as this was a young boy and most mothers would go in with the thought this could have been their child, they found him not guilty based on the law whether it be right or wrong they followed the law and it should be left alone . These groups acorn & NAACP should be abolished as they are racist groups themselves. Racist comes in all colors not just white.Instead of questioning the jury or anyone else the buck starts in the home , TM's parents and other parents need to teach their children better and stop blaming everyone else for their wrongs.,
    over 3 years
  • bobertoq profile photo
    Unfortunately we'll just never know for sure what happened that night. Since we don't know for sure what happened we cannot convict him. The prosecution did not prove that he was not acting in self defense.
    over 3 years
  • elbowin profile photo
    I feel that this case turned out the way that it should have. I must say that I feel sorry for TM parents for the loss of their son... no one should ever have to bury a child. But on the other side of the fence with all the circumstances presented to us... he looked guilty, he acted guilty, and with all the robberies going on in the area GZ had the right to be on the lookout. It was brought up several times that GZ used racial slurs when calling in that he looked suspicious... how many times was it brought up that TM told his friend he was being followed by a "creepy white cracker"Was it really broadcast over and over that TM had traces of SYNTHETIC drugs in his system? this is the same drug that has made the news lately in our area for throwing kids over the edge and have seizures, committing suicide, hurting others because they have no sense of common judgements regarding their actions. So he was found with Skittles and a drink.... what else was going on with this "child" that GZ was found with a broken nose and blood all over his face? HE didnt "Get away" with anything!! Do you honestly think that he just walked out and went to Disneyland like he just won the Super Bowl? He is going to be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life!! Him and his family will be judged and will never have the same lifestyle again! We need to get over this and get back to the things that really matter. Not standing around listening to these thugs that are trying to keep us int he dark about what really matters
    over 3 years
  • FLAHONEY33 profile photo
    He's not trying? Google race, speech, Obama & see how many results come up. He hasn't been too successful in avoiding the topic. Personally I don't think his comments has really helped anything. Maybe he should have a beer summit with Al & Jesse.
    over 3 years
  • robbin profile photo
    i think Mr Obama was correct in his comment,
    over 3 years
  • Darla profile photo
    I don't know a lot about this but I think that there is good and bad in every race,color,people,every where,and I think that some time's people want to call it was because they where black they got treated that way and some time's it may be, but if I was not guilty of any thing why not just stay until the police got there and talk to them don't run or start a fight
    over 3 years
  • mrwoody59 profile photo
    i see the comments about black killing black is high, so is every other race. every race leads in killing it's own race all you have to do is look it up. just telling parts of a situation don't make your point. The reason it's still a problem is because people want to claim it don't exist. Just because you don't do it or it don't happen to you. Don't mean it don't happen.Being in denial only makes you part of the problem.
    over 3 years
  • dward12 profile photo
    I so wish that race was NEVER an issue in any circumstance. I grew up hearing the racial comments. I remember when MLK was assassinated. My kids who are in there 20's now never grew up hearing that nonsense. I thought our country was past this. Apparently not.
    over 3 years
  • cfol44 profile photo
    I don't pretend to know what certain peoe feel when there own race is attacked. But this I so know for a fact. I see this EVERYDAY IN LAS VEGAS WHERE BLACK PEOPLE ARE KILLING BLACK PEOPLE MUCH MORE THEN ANYBOTHWR RACE IS KILLING THEMSELVES OR OTHERS!!! That's what has to stop!!! I really don't think there's a huge race issue like there was in the early days. I have plenty of black friends that I trust more than anyone else I know. I have Mexican friends that I trust dearly, and the same goes for oriental and other races. But I still see the black race killing each other everyday over stupid things that other people argue about, then go out and have a beer or a meal with after!!!! I just don't get it. There's way to much of this "respect" garbage that kills. If you don't respect me, I'm going to cap your ass, or he disrespected me, so I put one in his head, what is that?!?!?!? GROW UP!!!! Why is it that the only pro sport players are getting arrested every week because there carrying guns???? Why!!! How many actors do you see getting robbed??? Stay out of the bad areas and you won't need to carry a weapon!!!! It just makes no sense.I think people need to grab some common sense, grow up, and just enjoy life instead of walking around with a chip on your shoulder because some person 2000 miles away was disrespected!!!! Why the heck are they calling for protests in 100 city's??? You know darn well 5-10 of them will turn violent. Look at Las Angeles!!!! This was 2500 miles away and there acting like a bunch if fools. I just don't get it
    over 3 years
  • sammyswag1 profile photo
    I'm Black and this is why I hate Liberals. STOP MAKING US FEEL LIKE WE'RE ALWAYS BEING ATTACKED. We need to do something for ourselfs. Other countries and Races are getting better but why not the blacks.... Black people are killing themselves much more then other races. White racists aren't the problem OUR OWN **** SELFS ARE
    over 3 years
  • iceangel41 profile photo
    because MamaV it's a good EXCUSE to protest & destroy property...& a lot of times loot.
    over 3 years
  • Empire1a profile photo
    "no Africian-American or Mexician-American or even White-American" Lets ask the Native American how they feel about that!
    over 3 years
  • Empire1a profile photo
    Funny how it is easy to see who the all the racist are by their racist comments/responses to this survey. Keyboard Klansmen I suppose! Also funny that they don't know what profiling is ( no white Hispanics...really?) Funny how the question comes up in census, job apps, survey apps, etc.-- white or caucasian with Hispanic/Latin origin ; black or African-American with Hispanic/Latin origin. Also funny how (some)whites always cry, blacks are playing the race card when it is the only card dealt to them. What is not funny is the lack of knowledge or education of what a racist is. Blaming Obama, Sharpton, or(insert black name here) and saying they are to blame because they are responding or reacting to something happening just says You Are a Clueless Racist! Point the finger at blackey three are pointed at whitey ( yourself in case you don't get it).
    over 3 years
  • SuzySemi profile photo
    Most of the racism in this country is from the Black American. There is no Africian-American or Mexician-American or even White-American. There is only American
    over 3 years
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