Strategic Voting and Electoral Reform

In Canada there are three major political parties, with some areas even having four. Given this, if you felt your top priority as a voter in the recent Canadian federal election was to prevent the governing party and its leader from continuing in power you likely felt compelled to vote for a party you may not necessarily support only because they had the best chance of defeating the governing party. To use one's vote for this purpose is often referred to as "strategic voting". With a two-party system like that of the US this isn't so much of an issue but regardless of your nationality do you think any electoral system which might compel you to resort to this needs to be reformed?

Regardless of your nationality have you ever voted for a candidate or party you did not necessarily support just to try to prevent another candidate or party from winning -that is, voted more against something rather than for something?

For Canadians: Would you like to see the present traditional electoral system changed to a system of proportional representation which would see the seats in parliament apportioned between the parties according to their respective percentage of the overall popular vote?

12/30/2015 Politics 1566 12 Anonymous


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