Now that's rather Peggy

On February 27th, the Wall Street Journal ran an Op Ed piece by Peggy Noonan, former speechwriter for President Reagan. The article attempts to explain the rise of Donald Trump and explore his rise in popularity. Ms. Noonan opines that Trump's rise is the result of the lack of protection and concern by the "protected" or "elite" class.

Are you familiar with Peggy Noonan or her writings?

Do you feel she is credible to understand political issues?

Central to her argument is that the "protected class" is unconcerned about immigration and its effect on working class Americans. Do you agree with her analysis?

Strangely absent in Ms. Noonan's essay is the role the "Washington Consensus" plays in immigration. The Washington Consensus was the political arrangement whereby goods, services, capital, and people were to freely flow across borders. Do you feel Globalization (the Washington Consensus) is still worth pursuing?

Lastly, Ms. Noonan looks to identify the "protected class" Using Ms. Noonan's choices, whom do you identify as the "protected class."

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