Cornell will start giving full scholarships to medical students who qualify for financial aid!

Cornell University had a life-changing announcement for its medical students. They'll get a top-notch college education and walk out debt-free. Weill Cornell Medicine said Monday it would eliminate medical education debt for all students who qualified for financial aid, starting with the students that entered the program this fall. "By replacing student loans with scholarships that cover tuition, housing and other living expenses, the programs ensures that all students, including those from economically diverse backgrounds, can pursue their medical education without financial burden," the university said in a statement. The decision was made possible by donor gifts, which round up to more than a whopping $160 million, the university said.

Are you aware of this announcement by Cornell University?

Do you know someone who dropped out of post-secondary education because of student debt and living expenses?

Last year, New York University announced it would offer a scholarship covering the tuition of every new, current and future medical student, regardless of their financial need or academic performance. In your opinion which of the following is the source of money for student scholarships at prestigious universities? Select al that applies.

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