Results for - The True Story and Legends of Famous Outlaws in the Wild, Wild West ** Part Two ** The Sundance Kid was an American criminal best known for his train robberies and bank heists with the Wild Bunch gang in the late 1890s and early 1900s.

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Who was Sundance Kid? Originally named Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, was born in 1867 in Mont Clare, Pennsylvania.The youngest son of Pennsylvania natives Josiah and Annie G. (née Place) Longabaugh, one of five children. At age 15, he traveled west in a covered wagon with his cousin George to help settle George's homestead near Cortez, Colorado. While there, he found work as a wrangler at a neighboring ranch, and he learned to buy and breed horses. He left Cortez in 1886 and struck out on his own, drifting north and working on ranches.

1. The Early Years: Longabaugh found work on the N Bar N Ranch in Montana Territory, but the hard winter of 1886–1887 forced the ranch to lay off wranglers, including Longabaugh. He then drifted to the Black Hills before turning back to try to find work again at the N Bar N. In 1887, while traveling across the Three V Ranch near Sundance, Wyoming, he stole a gun, horse, and saddle from a cowboy. He was captured by authorities in Miles City, Montana, and sentenced to 18 months in jail by Judge William L. Maginnis. He adopted the nickname Sundance Kid during this time in jail. Have you ever seen a covered wagon that was used by Pioneers in the old west?

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2. After his release, he went back to working as a ranch hand, and he worked at the Bar U Ranch in Alberta, Canada in 1891, which was one of the largest commercial ranches of the time. He became joint owner of a saloon in the Grand Central Hotel in Calgary, but after quarreling with his partner, he headed south to Montana again. There, he took another job with the N Bar N and began rustling cattle and horses in Montana and Canada. Have you ever visited any of the following?

Bar U Ranch in Alberta, Canada
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Calgary, Alberta
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any ranches in Montana
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Sundance, Wyoming
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The Black Hills
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3. He was considered the fastest gunslinger, Longabaugh and was often referred to as a gunfighter, but he is not known to have killed anyone. Sundance joined a well-known gang of robbers and cattle rustlers that roamed the American West during the 1880s and 1890s. By the early 1890s, Sundance was back to being an outlaw. Authorities fingered him for a train robbery in 1892, and five years later for a bank heist that he pulled off with a group that came to be known as the Wild Bunch. Have you seen any of the following films?

The Wild Bunch
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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
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The Legend of Butch and Sundance
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Wyoming Renegades
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The Three Outlaws
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4. Longabaugh and Logan, he became better known as Kid Curry, used a log cabin at Old Trail Town in Cody, Wyoming, as a hide-out, as they planned to rob a bank in Red Lodge, Montana. They then began hiding out at Hole-in-the-Wall, located near Kaycee, Wyoming. From there, they could strike and retreat with little fear of capture, since it was situated on high ground with a view of the surrounding territory in all directions. Had you heard of Kid Curry before this survey?

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5. Among the women associated with the Wild Bunch were Etta Place, Laura Bullion, Anne Rogers, Rose Morgan and Maud Davis, and the Bassett Sisters. Many of the women had worked as prostitutes, and quite a few of them came from Fannie Porter's sporting house in Texas, which the gang liked to frequent. Some of the women such as Laura Bullion and Annie Rogers had criminal intent and helped the gang by fencing goods and money for them. Others, such as Maud Davis and Rose Morgan were not involved in crime but were affiliated with the gang only by being romantically involved with an outlaw member. Would you be comfortable having a relationship with an outlaw?

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6. The gang largely consisted of Robert Parker (aka Butch Cassidy), Harry Tracy ("Elzy Lay"), Ben Kilpatrick (the "Tall Texan") and Harvey Logan ("Kid Curry"). Several people were killed by members of the gang, including five law enforcement officers killed by Logan. With each new robbery, the Wild Bunch became better known and well-liked by an American public eager to read about their exploits. Their robberies also became bigger. One of the largest was a $70,000 haul from a train just outside Folsom, New Mexico. "Wanted dead or alive" posters were posted throughout the country, with rewards of as much as a $30,000 for information leading to their capture or deaths. Have you seen the TV Series Wanted Dead or Alive, starring a very young Steve McQueen?

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