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1. Schools in my city have a day off this Friday because our high school's basketball team has made it to the state tournament for their sport. Do you think that athletic success qualifies students to have a day off from classes?

Sure, it's a rare day for municipal celebration.
715 votes
No, that may be a point of civic pride, but it's no reason to cancel school
1,379 votes

2. I've been told my a school bus driver in my city that part of the justification for letting students have the day off because of the basketball tourney is because there were so few snow days this school year. Do you think my town's students should have the day off even if the snow days were maxed out?

Why not? This kind of thing only happens every so often!
770 votes
No, and I may not be all that excited about them getting off of school for this in the first place.
1,324 votes

3. A local radio station's website has offered video streaming of the basketball team's games in the lead-up to the tournament. But games at the state level aren't allowed to be run on the internet because they're broadcast on TV throughout the state. Do you believe that's fair?

No, some people may only be able to watch through the internet, and they should be able to do so.
670 votes
Yes;The state's high school sports association set up the broadcast deal to benefit their organization, so too bad for those who want to watch but can't.
493 votes
931 votes

4. How would you encourage your child to spend the day if s/he has off from school because of the basketball tourney?

If tickets are available and affordable, go to your state's capital to see the game! (with parental accompaniment, of course)
531 votes
Catch up on the school work they're missing
547 votes
335 votes
Whatever they'd otherwise do on a day off
813 votes
Fit in as much as they can
375 votes
Other (please specify)
104 votes
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